August Update

Hello All Sidrabenieši;

Here we are in August already!  The summer seems to Zoom along but we certainly have enjoyed hot weather this year. Please continue to observe all COVID rules that you have come to expect in day to day life, also while at Sidrabene.

We held our Parvalde meeting this past Sunday and there are a few items to note listed below:

1. Gate Duty is still in effect so if you have not yet signed up, please contact Andy G. and register. If you choose to not perform Gate Duty this year due to current situations, the alternative option is to pay the “missed gate duty” fee of $200.

  • Swing gate at the entrance will be padlocked at 11pm each night.
  • COVID appropriate measures are in place to protect the Gate Duty personnel as well as those arriving in vehicles.
  • When on Gate Duty please remind Camping arrivals that Campers must adhere to social gathering size restrictions and maintain two-metre physical distancing with people outside their household and when outside of their campsites.

2. Talka (workday contribution to maintain Sid grounds and buildings) reminder; since we have not been permitted by COVID regulations to conduct “official” Talka’s, please contact Andy G.  by email @ or mobile # (905) 592-3328 to schedule what needs to be done. Please note that if physical limitations prevent strenuous work, painting is an alternative, needed in many areas and may be a way for you to fulfill this obligation and avoid the $300 fee alternate option.  We are hopeful to conduct a “malka-talka” this fall but that would be a volunteer effort depending on conditions at that time.

3. Both Kids4Kids and Nometne Daycamps are underway.

  • K4K (approx. 100 participants) operates Monday – Friday 8am – 5 pm with two pods, one at their usual area across Bronte creek beyond the soccer field and the other pod “on the hill” and may be in the Main building in inclement weather. This camp is expected to run until Sept 4th if government regulation permit that final week.
  • Nometne runs a short venue on Friday nights and then day camp Saturday and Sunday with approx. 15 campers. Their area is typically “on the hill” and may also be using the main bldg. in inclement weather. This daycamp ends on Aug 16th weekend
  • Complying with Covid guidelines, the main bldg., Ambulance bldg. and lower dorm (Kemeri) are off limits to the general public 7 days a week.

3. Playground equipment is now open.

4. Pavilion and Kafe courtyards are set up with appropriately distanced tables. Please enjoy the use of these facilities.

5. Pool is open and operates under the guidelines previously emailed to you and repeated below:

  • The pool (water area) and concrete “deck” between the water and the painted black line is the area that has a maximum capacity of 10 persons.
  • Those persons must also be 2m/6ft apart if not from the family “bubble”.
  • The area between the black line and fence (perimeter outside of the “deck”) can have more people provided that physical (social) distancing of 2m/6 ft is maintained. Crowding must be avoided.
  • Mandatory Sign In-Out for pool use.
  • REMINDER: no pets allowed inside fencing; do not leave children unattended inside the fencing; please respect your time in the pool when busy.

6. Garbage and Recyclables disposal

  • NEW LOCATION (see photo) for secured garbage bag disposal – next to the “alcohol empties” structure near Gate House. Please use the storage shed shown below (lift the lid) to deposit your clean, securely tied garbage bag. No loose household or construction materials please.
  • Recycle bins are now also in that location and please try to minimize use as we are trying to keep costs down.

7) Upcoming Events:

  • Sunday August 9th  11am – Open to all –  Multi-Latvian congregation (Toronto Sv. Andreja & Hamiltonas Kristus Draudze) drive-in and socially distanced seated worship service. A lot of COVID planning and preparation has been done to make this a safe and available event. Every COVID measure will be in effect with event co-ordinators guiding the attendees on all procedures that must be followed, right from Contact Screening at the entrance to event closure. Parking fees are waived on that day for any entrants.

    Note: Please register with Sarma (email: or by phone: 416-924-1563) prior to the service to ensure we adhere to provincial group limits. Everyone else is welcome to stay in their cars and listen through their car radios. Information on the channel will be made available that day.

  • Saturday August 22nd 6-9pm – Open to all – čau Popup Event. YES FOLKS, this gastronomic delight from last year is being repeated for a one-time limited engagement thanks to the kind offer from Pete Eglitis and family. The menu will include some of your favourites and will be in take-out format only – no indoor dining – but physically distanced picnic tables for your family bubble will be available under the Kafe and Pavilion awnings.  Stay tuned for updates on Pre-Ordering, Payment and further details.
  • Also on August 22nd 6-9pm – Open to all –  Sid life circa 1960 – Zile Liepins is hoping to provide an impromptu oldies screening (8mm) under the Kafe awning. Not intended as a full length feature but should provide us with some entertaining clips from the old days while we enjoy our Čau meal.
  • Future events:  October 3rd – Open to all – Time: TBD:  We are hoping to conduct some kind of a “Closing Event” , tentatively October 3rd, outdoors, perhaps Bocce or Horseshoe competition which will need special planning to be conducted in a safe (COVID compliant) manner, followed by an outdoor BBQ. With the ever-changing COVID phase rules and talk of “resurgence” we’ll have to keep close tabs on what will be permitted and plan accordingly. Details to follow early Sept.

Various other Rentals are now starting to return and you may see some people about so please respect physical distancing as will they.

  • Sunday August 16th 11am – Closed to public – Groundswell Worship Service event; expectation of ~100 attendees, similar to Aug 9th service; Groundswell staff will conduct all same strict COVID measures for this event with our oversight.
  • Outdoor exercise class (dancefloor).
  • Main bldg. off hours kitchen usage

8. Security and vehicle safety:

  • Entrance Gate: Due to increased instances of trespassing and middle of night crank calls from the Appleby line entrance, the infrared camera system installation timeline is being accelerated. We were on hold waiting for parts (lower cost) but will now expedite the set-up steps so that facial and licence plate images at the front gate can be captured and referred to police during any occurrences.
  • Vehicle speed and safe operation inside Sid perimeter. Of late there have been multiple instances of excessive speeding as well as children sitting on open tailgates while the vehicle is in motion. As possible, offending drivers have been reminded of rules but please remind any guests that may be using your facilities of the same.

Thanks and let’s continue to have a great and safe summer season at Sidrabene this year amidst all the unusual situations we are all dealing with every day.