If you are planning to come to your cottage and/or are planning to have non-family members visit you while you are at your cottage, you need to be aware that the Guidelines posted by the City of Burlington and the Ontario government both apply within Sidrabene property. 

More detailed information from the Ontario government can be found here.

Excerpts from the City of Burlington and Ontario government guidelines for you to follow are posted below.

In addition to the guidelines please note:

  • Please observe that there will be a burning ban effective Monday April 13, 2020 (last day to burn is April 12).
  • Pool area is off limits as work is underway; once completed we will follow City of Burlington guidelines on access to public pools which will not be in May as has been in previous years
  • Playground area and equipment is off limits as per guidelines; please respect and stay out of the marked area. (yellow tape)
  • Pavilion and Tuck Shop tables are still in storage mode, stacked and not in use
  • There is no planned Spring Talka as in other years
  • Gate duty is suspended at least until the end of June
  • Main Gate at Appleby line entrance will continue to be pad-locked 24/7, so remember to bring your key.
  • If you are expecting visitors you will need to manage that entry & exit personally relocking the gate each time, again respect the COVID-19 guidelines on physical distancing.
  • Absolutely no parking of vehicles at front entrance to the swinging gate as this poses a huge risk to proper emergency response; several instances of this have been observed recently
  • An infrared (night vision) motion activated security camera system is currently being installed at the front entrance and will record all motion at the gate, notifying Andy G of all events.

City of Burlington guidelines:

Physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most important steps everyone needs to take. The COVID-19 virus doesn’t move on its own; it needs people to move it. To discourage people from gathering and to help reduce the transmission of the virus, the City of Burlington is closing all vehicular access to our parks. Only walking, jogging, riding a bike or scooter/wheelchair through a park or trail is permitted. Remember to keep 2 metres away from others – about the length of a hockey stick.

The best thing residents can do to protect themselves and the community, is stay home.

All amenities in our parks have already been closed, please continue to respect the caution tape and keep off of playgrounds, sports fields, skateboard areas, tennis and basketball courts.

Over the next few days, the City will be placing signage and barricades in the entrances of parking lots to block vehicles from parking. Vehicles left in parking lots as of April 4 will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Residents who see groups of five or more people gathering or individuals using outdoor recreational facilities can call the Halton Regional Police Service COVID hotline to file a report at 905-825-4722.

Local enforceable orders (as of April 2) include:

  • Closure of places of non-essential businesses
  • Prohibiting events and gatherings of more than five people
  • Closure of public places and establishments
  • Closure of all outdoor recreational amenities and parks

Public Health Ontario Guidelines on Physical Distancing 

What is physical distancing? 

  • Physical distancing means keeping our distance from one another and limiting activities outside the home. 
  • When outside your home, it means staying at least 2 metres (or 6 feet) away from other people whenever possible. 

Things to avoid 

  • Non-essential trips outside your home 
  • Hugging or shaking hands 
  • Crowds or gatherings 
  • Visiting friends 
  • Sharing food or utensils 
  • Engaging in group activities or sports 
  • Visiting popular destinations 
  • Play dates, parties or sleepovers 

Let’s all do our part to overcome this pandemic.


Sidrabene Pārvalde