Main Gate Locked

Please be advised that effective immediately (March 25th, 2020) the main gate will be locked 24/7 with the chain and padlock in place that normally was only used during the night.

There have been a number of recent trespassing events as well as a middle of the night crank call from the gate (reported to police). With that and in light of the heightened pandemic social protocols we can not have people entering the Sid property at random times either by driving straight in or walking around the gate.

Additional security measures for the entrance are being worked on; motion sensor live-streaming video camera with bright floodlights and should be in place shortly.

Monitoring this video stream will greatly aid in controlling walk-in access to the property and allowing us to take the necessary steps to ensure our security.

REMEMBER TO CARRY YOUR GATE KEY with you on all occasions of driving in or out of the property.