November Update

Hello Sidrabenieši;

1)   Fall Talka
Saturday, Nov 7th was a huge success with a great turnout and tremendous effort by all participants. Special thanks to those families that had multiple helpers and to Hamiltonas latviešu sestdienas skola.  Really appreciated all the help from those kids and parents who cleaned up Jāņu seta, and the garden beds.  The parade and music was an extra bonus. Please thank all the parents and kids for all the help in beautifying Sidrabene. 

2) Spruce Christmas trees for your home are available from Sidrabene this year

As most of you may already know, about 9 or 10 years ago in response to a community request to initiate a reforestation program, a project was launched and over a thousand white pine and spruce seedlings were planted in rows in the large grassy area beyond the soccer field.  Well,  many of these seedlings took hold and have now matured.  Our arborist guidance is to now thin out that area to preserve natural growth.  Andy Grinbergs came up with a novel suggestion to make these trees available to the Sidrabene community as Christmas trees for your home and help Sidrabene at the same time.

 So for a $50 contribution to Sidrabene (sorry no receipts), Andy G will cut down the tree of your choosing from your own walkabout or provide one of a specific length (5 feet, 6, 7, 8 etc) and have it available for you to pick up at his house on the day of your choosing. Please contact Andy at camp_sidrabene@yahoo.caor call his mobile (905) 592-3328

3) Events
December 6th, 11 am, Main Building – Upper hall, final Church service of the year (Andreja baznīcas draudzes dievkalpojums)

4) General
You may have heard about ESA’s (Electrical Services Authority which governs all matters related to electricity at Sidrabene) mandate for deteriorated pole replacement. Fortunately this has been determined to be 100% Burlington Hydro’s responsibility and has been turned over to them.

If you are planning on having guests stay at your property while you are not in attendance, please inform Andy G in advance so he does not have to determine if they are trespasser’s or not as he looks out for all of our respective properties.

Mart on behalf of Parvalde