Pool & Splashpad are Open

Parvalde is pleased to announce that today, June 24th, the Sidrabene pool and splashpad are officially open. Just in time for some hot weather relief!

Extensive and expensive repairs were a major undertaking.

They are now completed and a full inspection was conducted by regional authorities.

They have approved our pool to be opened to the public.

There are however new regulations in place due to COVID 19 restrictions (Phase 2) that you will need to comply with when using the Pool and splashpad.

These are:

o   if you are not feeling well stay home

o   ten people maximum at one time between deck and in pool

o   no slide use

o   no furniture will be provided

o   no lifejackets or pool toys provided

o   follow the direction arrows on the deck and maintain 2m physical distance from others not in your household

o   to minimize change room use people are encouraged to change at home

o   activate the splash pad button with your elbow, not your hands

o   practice proper hand hygiene

We may have to employ a sign up appointment sheet on weekends with posted time frames that you will have to observe.

Also please keep in mind that as in previous years the Pool & splashpad will be in use by both Kids4Kids daycampers and Nometne Kids day camp during specifically posted times and you are asked to please keep your distance during these posted time frames.