Worship has always been an important part of Sidrabene’s life and children have always been a key component.

During camp: on Wednesday evening services, the campers share what is important in their time at camp, and beyond, and to offer this up in prayer and song to God. The quiet that accompanies laying the cross of lit candles on the ground is a holy moment that blesses
everyone present.

Sunday camp services provide a way of rounding off what has been learnt in camp during Bible study. A skit explaining the story of the week is acted out with great enthusiasm by the campers and provides a great way for the campers to reinforce the week’s learning and open up the Bible for all the other worshippers. And, of course, which campers could say that they find “manī miers tek kā upē” (I’ve got peace like a river) with the hand gestures, boring!

Over the past years, we have provided more opportunities for folks to come and worship in our wonderful outdoor church. We worship on the Sunday after the St John’s Day celebrations, and once in August as well.

Sidrabene continues to play a role as a retreat centre during the rest of the year as well.

We meet to worship on the first Sunday in the month in the dining hall from October to May, and, once the service is over, the space is transformed back as a dining hall with everyone sitting around one table to share food and conversation. This is how we build up a sense of community with Christ at the heart of our life following the example of the very earliest Christian communities who met “with joyful hearts and shared what they had with one another.” (Acts 2)

We seek to be open and welcoming in our worship, so it is bilingual and family friendly.

St Andrew’s has had a great music tradition and this has its place, too, in our worship at Sidrabene.

We look forward to having you worship with us!

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August 2021

Outdoor Service

SIDRABENE 8:00 pm Evening Candlelight Worship with the Children’s Camp ...
04 Aug
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