Galvenā Ēka “Sidrabkalns”

Lielā Zāle

The Large Hall has seen many uses over the years — as an activity space for the summer camp, Evergreen Academy, and Bronte Creek program, and a meeting room for large international church retreats and other larger scale events, but more often than not, it serves as a wonderful event hall housing everything from our season opening dances to extravagant weddings and joyful confirmations. This space offers many possibilities for amazing events.

Capacity (seats and tables): 227


The Dining Hall is located on the upper floor, adjacent to the kitchen. This medium sized room serves as the dining hall for the summer campers and their counselors. Renovated in 2018, this bright airy space also functions well as a classroom, meeting room or as a gathering place for family occasions. This space is used monthly for church services and for various camp overnights, staff meetings/training, and is a perfect space for anything requiring a medium-sized room!

Capacity: 150


Virtuve, kas atrodās otrā stāvā blakus ēdamzālei, ir visas vajadzīgās iekārtas, kā arī daudzas letes un liels, iestaigājamais ledusskapis.

Vidējā Zāle

Vidējā Zāle atrodas starp pirmo un otro stāvu un ir piemērota mazākām grupām – sēdēm un privātiem notikumiem. Pie šīs zāles ir paliela terase ar skatu uz Sidrabenes skaisto, zaļo platību, kuŗu var arī izmantot “BBQ” maltītēm.

Capacity: 50

To inquire about renting Sidrabene for your group or function, or to make an appointment to visit the facilities, please contact us at 905-335-3849 or

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