Ricibas Noteikumi

  1. All members and guests use the facilities at their own risk. Neither St. Andrew’s nor the Parvalde will be held responsible for any losses, damages, or injuries suffered by any person using Sidrabene on, in, or around any of its facilities or structures.
  2. All members and guests will respect a quiet period after 11PM as well as during any church services. All members and guests are to behave in an orderly manner, so as not to disrupt other guests, neighbours, campers or cottagers.
  3. All members are responsible for their own conduct as well as that of their guests. Cottagers are to be present while their guests are in Sidrabene and cottagers are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests.
  4. All vehicular traffic will abide by the 10km/hour maximum speed. No unnecessary driving is permitted. Horses, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles for private use are not allowed on the property.
  5. Fishing: Only members, immediate families and invited guests are permitted to fish on the property and must follow the Provincial Regulations for fishing as they relate to this sport.
  6. Gate: Assume the gate will be locked. It is the responsibility of each member to let their guests in and out as required.
  7. Pets: All members are responsible for their own and their guest’s pets. Pets are not allowed in the wading pool or swimming areas. All dogs are to be leashed when in common areas. Pets are not allowed to roam freely around Sidrabene. Owners are responsible for picking up after their pets.
  8. Trash: Trash is an expensive problem for Sidrabene. Users of Sidrabene are encouraged to recycle. Many cottage owners have their own composters and this is wholeheartedly supported. Members are encouraged to take their garbage home if at all possible; however, if not feasible, garbage and recyclables must be deposited in the labelled bins next to the gatehouse. Trash resulting from building or renovation projects needs to be taken by the cottage owner to Halton Waste Management — located at 5400 Regional Road 25, MIlton (north of Dundas Street, south of Britannia Road).
  9. Camping: Overnight camping is permitted only with the prior approval of the property manager. There isa fee to camp overnight. All temporary or seasonal shelters must be removed on or before the first Sunday after Labour Day. Sidrabene will remove all temporary or seasonal shelters the 1st Sunday after Labour Day without any reimbursement to the occupant or owner. Any costs associated with the removal will be borne by the occupant or owner. Sidrabene assumes no responsibility for any belongings left after this time.
  10. Alcohol: All federal and provincial statutes are to be observed. Underage drinking is NOT permitted
  11. Campfires: The city of Burlington and Ontario provincial guidelines and safety standards MUST be followed.
  12. Firearms: No firearms, including pellet or BB guns, or bows and arrows are allowed unless the acuity is approved by Sidrabene's Parvalde in regards to a camp or sanctioned activity and run by accredited and qualified personnel.
  13. Swimming Pool: Parvalde wants all pool users to enjoy the pool and feel safe in the pool area. Our aim is to prevent an accident before it happens and to that end we must enforce the following:
    Parents are responsible for monitoring their children. All children under the age of 16 must have a parent or other responsible adult in the pool area with them.

    1. No cut-offs are permitted; proper swim wear is required.
    2. No glass, beverages or food is permitted in the pool area
    3. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool area.
    4. No smoking is permitted in the pool area.
  14. Only Tuck Shop clients, or people requiring handicapped washroom facilities may use the Tuck Shop washrooms. All others are welcome to use the washroom facilities across the road, just east of the Tuck Shop.

Persons disobeying any of the above Rules of conduct will be asked to leave Sidrabene.

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