Cottages and Land for Sale

Please note that cottages at Camp Sidrabene may be purchased only by members of St. Andrew’s Ev. Lutheran Latvian Church (who are in good standing), or by active members of other Latvian Lutheran congregations. All cottage lots are leased from the church, and as such, the land remains the property of St. Andrew’s Ev. Lutheran Latvian Church. Purchase prices of cottages include only the buildings themselves, with the existing lease being transferred to the new owners. All prospective buyers must be approved by both the Church Council and the Sidrabene Management Committee prior to any sale becoming final.

LOT #60

For sale on Sidrabene's Hill,  cottage #60
Price: $35,000.00
Contact: Imants Purvs & Inese Mezulis-Purvs
Cell: (416) 992-2310

To inquire about cottages or land for sale, please contact Sidrabenes Parvalde.

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