Overnight Accommodation

If you’re interested in hosting an overnight or multi-day event, we have overnight accommodations available on-site.



We have a variety of camping spots throughout the property to accommodate small and large groups.


If camping is not your style, we also have a dormitory. Rooms can be rented individually, or the building can be rented as a whole for larger groups/events. The dormitory includes 2 bathrooms which are only operational when in the spring and summer. Rooms can be rented at any time!

Capacity: 28 beds (8 rooms with two single beds, 4 rooms with 3 beds-bunk beds and singles)

Price: $30 per person


Children's Camp Dormitory

Our “Cāļu Kalns” Children’s Camp Dorm is ideal for children’s groups. Featuring two wings of open-concept smaller kid’s beds, the dorm also has two separate private adult quarters, an indoor washroom and shower facilities.

Capacity: 23 Beds. 20 open-concept beds. Two rooms in each hall. One of the rooms has one single bed, the other room has 2 single beds.


The infirmary, used primarily as our camp medical facility during the summer, also houses two small rooms to provide extra bedding capacity during larger events. It is ideal for those looking to be a bit further away from the action.

Capacity: 2 single bedrooms

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