Entrance and Camping

Entrance to and use of Sidrabene is restricted to members of St. Andrew’s Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church, cottage leasees and their invited guests only. All others will be asked to kindly leave the premises.

Entrance Fees


Two season passes are provided for each leased lot as part of the annual lease dues process. These passes are name specific, personal passes. Please provide Andy Grinbergs the names associated with each numbered pass. Passes will be checked at the gate upon entry.

If you require more entrance passes for your cottage, they can be purchased at the gate or through Andy. Season passes are $40/person. Children under the age of 18 do not have to pay.

Guest Passes

Please note that cottagers are responsible for their guests’ behaviour. Any invited guests will need to purchase personal passes to enter. Guests can purchase daily or weekend season passes.

  • Day Pass – $15 per person
  • Weekend Pass – $25 per person (Friday – Sunday + Holidays)

Private Functions

If you are hosting a private function at Sidrabene, you may arrange a group entrance rate prior to the event with the property manager.


Public camping is not available; however, invited guests are permitted to camp in designated areas. Camping fees are $30/tent, per night. Everyone camping will also need to purchase an entrance pass.

We ask everyone to please refrain from driving around the property once a parking spot has been established. If you do need to drive, please respect the speed limit of 10 KM/Hour. This includes golf-carts as well.

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